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OKR Process
Copy and Customize Template
Use this OKR process to establish and track quarterly objectives and key results for your team and leadership.
How to use it
  • Define your objectives for the quarter, and the key results that will help you achieve them.
  • Identify the steps in your process.
  • Organize the process in an Almanac folder.
  • Share with your team.
Q & A
What is an Almanac template?
An Almanac template includes ready-to-go doc templates, folder structures and workflows specially designed for every team in your organization. Use them off the shelf to start a project in lightning speed, or customize them to fit your exact needs.
How do I copy an Almanac template?
Once you are signed into your Almanac workspace, navigate to any page in the Template Library and hit the "Copy and Customize Template" button.
How do I use an Almanac template?
There are several ways to access and use an Almanac template. Visit our Help Center to learn more.
Can I download an Almanac template?
Almanac templates cannot be downloaded. However, once a doc is filled out from a template, you may export it to PDF and download it. Learn more here.
What is Almanac?
Almanac is the all-in-one platform for structured collaboration where remote teams write, approve, and organize docs. We help distributed teams build world-class cultures of documentation and management with transparent review and approval loops, living handbooks, and flexible project spaces.
How do I make an Almanac template?
Almanac users can submit their templates for review by our team by emailing support@almanac.io.
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