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The Best Agency Templates You Can't Afford to Work Without
Andrea Watts
Andrea Watts
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If you have ever worked at an agency, you know there is a lot of strategic groundwork and collaboration required both internally and externally to move work forward. You're constantly relying on multiple departments, teams and partners to work in concert to finalize that proposal, brief or campaign. It can be confusing to know where to start and even harder to finish.

But for your agency to be successful, you need to be able to collaborate in a way that is productive and efficient across timezones and geographies. The best way to do this is to start from the same place and use a template that gets clients and your team on the same page.

From company strategy to creative briefs, our templates come from experienced operators to give you everything you need to work with clients. Plus, you can request review and approval from your teammates and clients with Almanac's review feature within our templates so you always know where the the status of the projects you're managing.

And the best part is that these templates are free to use. Don't waste another minute; you can become the strategy and collaboration partner that your clients need. Try out one of our 12 templates below to get started!

Strategy Templates

Company Strategy
Template: Company Strategy
GTM Plan
Template: Go To Market Plan
Pr and Comms Startegy
Template: PR + Comms Strategy
North Start Metric Workshop
Checklist: Running a North Star Metric Workshop

Marketing Templates

Content Marketing Strategy
Template: Content Marketing Strategy
Creative Breif
Template: Creative Brief
marketing experimentation framework
Guide: Marketing Experimentation Framework

SEO Templates

Guide for Building SEO
Guide: Building out SEO for the first time
Guide for Writing SEO
Guide: Writing for SEO

Public Relations

Pitching PR Story
Template: Pitching a new story
PR Activity Tracker
Template: PR Activity Tracker

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