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The Almanac Fall Release
Introducing 20 powerful new features to revolutionize your team's decision flow.
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Review anything. Not just docs.
Drive decisions—feedback, approvals, read receipts, and more—on all your favorite file types, no matter where they are created. Reduce process chaos by consolidating all your decisions in one place so you can continue moving your business forward.
Bring your work into Almanac to structure decision-making and approvals in a transparent process.
Works with
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Google Docs
Google Sheets
Google Slides
Use public URLs to generate an interactive file that lives in Almanac.
Take your edits private. Introducing Layers.
Ogres have layers. Onions have layers. And now docs have layers.
Make collaborative decisions – contract redlines, public docs, OKR planning – with tracked changes on Layers. Work with a smaller set of stakeholders without changing the document for everyone. Your private edits merge seamlessly into the main document so you can organize revisions and approve decisions faster.
You get to decide who has access to the layers you create.
Easily track changes and merge the layer to create one final version.
You deserve focus and flow.
Find it in our all-new Editor.
The redesigned editor put creation and collaboration at your fingertips.
A clean, simple interface for powerful collaboration. Write with delight using our new toolbar which keeps essential tools for drafting front and center. Drag and drop from our new insert menu in the sidebar, which puts images, tables, @mentions and more right where you need them.
The simplified navigation lets you access your folders and files right from the navigation sidebar.
The new collaboration tab in the sidebar lets you filter to specific people or collaboration types.
Powerful features to power decision flow.
These improvements make editing, collaborating, and organizing better than ever.
Private Reviews
Redline and edit in a private layer with selected stakeholders.
Review Templates
Create one-click custom decision flows for your team's most frequent processes.
Viewer Role
Add your team, manager, or other stakeholders to a Review without requiring them to give feedback or approval.
Refined Editor Toolbar
Access the formatting and editing actions that make your docs look stunning.
Insert Menu
Add the elements that make your docs dynamic like embeds, tables, dividers, code, & more.
Dynamic Columns
Drag elements into two or three columns to make your work look visually stunning.
Clean Up Mode
Enter a dedicated mode to Marie Kondo your work and resolve comments and changes faster than ever.
Collaboration Filters
Quickly find comments, tasks, and track changes by person, review, or completion status in one click.
Suggested Actions
Speed through steps with relevant, contextual actions as move through decision flows.
Enhanced Folders
See files in a dedicated view, customize with your logo and colors, and publish to the world.
Simplified Navigation
Access your favorites, files, and folders from the left side of any screen in a simplified, fast experience.
Integrated File Menu
Manage versions, see doc insights, access edit history, & export your doc all in one place.
Comment Reactions
Show your appreciation with emojis (what else?) on comments and make collaboration more fun ✨
Turn Comments into Tasks
Turn comments into tasks in one click, and add assignees, due dates, and additional context.
Custom Task Sorting
See all your tasks in one place, and filter by document or due date to stay organized.
New Inbox Filters
Narrow your notifications to access requests, comments, or review types to find flow as you resolve items quickly.
Enhanced " / " Menu
Quickly access your favorite formatting options without ever having to leave your keyboard.
Improved Reviews Tab
Get analytics on your decision process, see your recently finished reviews, and manage your review templates.
Mobile Editing
No need for a desktop! Work wherever you are and edit your docs on the go.
There's so much more to explore.
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