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December 20, 2022
Upgraded Import, Comments, and Review Notifications
Upgraded Import, Comments, and Review Notifications

Seamless file import from Google

We've made it easier than ever to import your Google Docs directly into Almanac. Now, when importing content, you can select one or more of your Google accounts to import files from. Once selected, you will see a list of docs ready for importing! Easy as 🥧. Click the import button to try it out today!

Quality of life

  • We fixed a bug where in certain cases comments would not show up immediately and would require a user to refresh the page. All comments should now always appear when they happen.
  • We improved our notifications for Reviews ending. Now, if you completed a Review before its end date, we will not notify you that the Review has ended.
  • We fixed an issue where duplicate scrollbars could occur under certain conditions in the All Files page.  Now, only one scrollbar will appear when applicable.