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April 28, 2021
Track Changes

This week we shipped a game-changing enhancement to our Suggest Changes workflow: Track Changes. Track Changes is a visual way to give you and your coworkers a quick understanding of what has changed on a doc.

When Track Changes is on, new elements are marked with an underline, and deletions are marked with a strikethrough.

Track Changes is turned on by default on branches (temporary, linked doc versions), so when a branch is created through a Suggest Changes or Approval Request workflow, approvers will easily be able to see how the branch is different from the main doc.

Other improvements & fixes

  • Quotes have been restyled to be more compact & with optional attribution.
  • Uploaded files have been restyled and are now selectable and show file size.
  • Users invited to a workspace will default to the invited workspace and not their personal workspace.
  • Notification emails have a new coat of paint.
  • If you click on a notification email about a comment but it has been already resolved, you'll now see a notification telling you so.
  • The settings page has been redesigned.
  • Tables are now more intuitive to select and delete.
  • Handbooks now have icons to easily distinguish them from regular docs.