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December 9, 2022
Skip Review Requests and Automatic Handbook Migration Coming Soon
Skip Review Requests and Automatic Handbook Migration Coming Soon

Thank U, next: Skip Review Requests to stay focused

Now when you're included on a Review that's not relevant to you, you can easily skip the notification to remain focused on your highest priorities. The requester will be notified that you skipped the Review.

Handbook migration coming soon

We'll soon be migrating your Handbooks to the new powered-up folders! We've designed this migration for minimum impact on your existing workflows and documentation in Almanac. At a high level, this migration means:

  1. Handbooks will become folders and live in All Files. You won't lose any of your docs.
  2. You can access your newly converted folders in a handbook view just by clicking into your folder. All of your handbook personalization will be migrated and presented in the handbook view.
  3. If you have non-cascading permissions in your handbooks, you will have a chance to configure your permission prior to migration.

Quality of Life

  • We've fixed an issue where images would occasionally not import properly when importing .docx files
  • We've increased the maximum file size for imported docx, html, and md files
  • You can now select a document emoji from your All Files view 🤩