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April 14, 2021
Simplified Navigation
Simplified Navigation

This week we launched a redesigned organizational system for docs.

There are now four ways you can navigate around your docs:

  • Recent Docs, which is a quick view of the docs you most recently opened.
  • All Docs, which consolidates the "Unfiled Docs" and "Folders" pages into a single space that show you all the folders and docs that you have access to.
  • Groups, which allows you to find docs by who they're shared with.
  • Search, accessible by via the Header Bar on any screen or the Command Line.

On the "All Docs" page, you can sort docs by any column header, like name or last modified. You can also share, move, create, copy, and delete folders or docs.

Our beta users have been using "All Docs" just like Finder on MacOS—but instead, it's in the cloud, with best-in-class sharing and permissions for collaboration.

Along with our lightning-fast search and ability to create curated handbooks, these new navigation features are part of our mission to keep you and your docs seamlessly organized in Almanac—so you can find the right doc quickly and get back to work.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Tables are now easier to select and delete
  • We've polished the controls and formatting options on images