May 19, 2023
New Tasks Page, Export Docs, and More

Keep track of tasks right alongside all of your work happening in Almanac. We recently released a new Tasks page so you can view all of your to-dos in a single place and easily create action items on the fly in Almanac.

Head over to your Tasks tab and explore the latest that lets you:

  • Quickly see and work through tasks assigned to you
  • Follow up on tasks assigned to others
  • Create tasks outside of a document
  • Pin important tasks to the top of your list

This is the first of several improvements to the Tasks page. The ability to drag and drop tasks, assign tasks to multiple people, and more are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Export Documents

Share your great work— in whatever format you need. We released export functionality after making major improvements to maintain the formatting of your Almanac docs when converting to HTML, Markdown, or PDF formats. Learn how to Export Docs.

Transfer Ownership of Documents

Change is the only constant, and Almanac now lets you change ownership of your documents. Whether team responsibilities have shifted or a member has left your organization, you can designate new owners for docs from the share sheet. Learn more about Sharing Docs.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • We added automatic detection of links so that they paste as blue hyperlinks.
  • We added syntax highlighting for different languages in code blocks.
  • We gave in-app notifications a glow-up for clarity and visibility.
  • You can now verify your email using a registration code. Password is 1 2 3 4...
  • We added a handy-dandy right-click menu so you can quickly update your handbook index.

Paper Cut Fixes

  • We fixed font selector bug where you couldn't change the default font.
  • We fixed suggestion branches, so users with comment and read-only access can give all their feedback once again.
  • We fixed issue where your images were deleted migrating from Editor 2.0 to 3.0.
  • We fixed an issue where highlighting was being applied to text before the selected text.
  • We fixed an issue where, when clicking on comments/tasks sidebar of a doc, we'd kick you out of the handbook. Now, you stay inside the handbook.
  • You can once again see the guest users who have access to a doc on the share sheet.
  • Now, after you request access to a doc or a handbook, you go back to your last location instead of the Almanac Core.
  • We fixed Google OAuth to work in incognito browser windows for you sneaky people.

📣 Love us? Hate us? Have feedback? We want to hear it!

Book a Feedback Session with Almanac's product team to get a sneak peak of upcoming features, share your experience, and explain your top feature requests.

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