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December 9, 2022
In-Doc Voting and an Improved Review View
In-Doc Voting and an Improved Review View

Vote-by-doc now available

Poll your team on different proposals, unify your "+1s" for easy sorting... the possibilities are endless with our brand new Vote List! Vote Lists can be added to your documents today via the toolbar or / menu. Once your list has been voted on, you can easy sort the list to bring the best ideas to the top.

Improved reviews cards

We've updated your view on Reviews as both a requester and recipient to always provide a clear view into any state your Review Request may be in. Check out the new look today by starting a Review or Approval Request on your documents!

Quality of life

We fixed a bug where public documents where requiring a password when shared in certain cases

We've updated your experience for using keyboard controls in a comment or task

  • Enter or ⌘ + Enter will always create / update the Task or Comment
  • Shift + Enter will add a new line or new list item when you are inside a list