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March 31, 2021
New Feature
Effectively Give & Get Feedback
Effectively Give & Get Feedback

Getting informal feedback is an important way to make sure your work is aligned with your team.

But sharing a link to a doc in an email or Slack thread can often result in scattered comments, unclear edits, and missed deadlines.

With our 'Ask for Feedback' workflow, you can keep work moving forward by organizing and tracking feedback right in your doc. Here's how it works:

Share access to Handbook docs

As you create a handbook in Almanac, you need to make sure that everyone has some level of access to every doc. But going into each and every doc to change the sharing permissions was a pain, so we've made it incredibly easy to change the sharing permissions for all the docs in your handbook in one place.

Other improvements

  • We've made optimizations to the viewport to automatically hide the table of contents in the doc editor at smaller widths.
  • Images can now be dragged and dropped directly into the editor (or copy and pasted).
  • Comments can now have the option to be turned into a task.
  • Comments can be pinned in the comment tab as "Important Comments" to increase their visibility.