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December 9, 2022
New Feature
Create a Handbook
Create a Handbook

We've introduced the ability to create a handbook for your Almanac workspace.

Handbooks can feature critical docs like company policies, new employee onboarding, vision and values, meeting agendas and notes, product specs, and marketing copy.

With a handbook, your distributed team has one-click access to all the information they need—so you can eliminate the Slack messages or Zooms asking "where's that doc again?!"

In Almanac, creating and using a handbook is super awesome:

  • Populate the Handbook Index and have the navigation panel auto-update
  • Easily find handbook docs in a tab in the left navigation panel
  • @Mention docs in the Index to easily include in the Handbook and navigation panel
  • Build out your Handbook Index with full doc editing capabilities including images, gifs, tables, and more.
The Handbook panel that can be accessed from any page in the workspace.

Open-sourcing Almanac's Team handbook

If you're curious about how your handbook would look in Almanac, just take a look at ours:

We have decided to publish our own internal team handbook here for everyone to see.

The Almanac team handbook is our company's operating system: a central doc repository of the principles, structures, and systems we use to run the company.

As part of Almanac's virtues around ownership, results, and feedback, we encourage suggestions from employees on any of these pages to make sure they represent our latest processes, policies, and foremost thinking.

With the ability to suggest changes on any doc in the handbook, our documentation becomes crowd-sourced and no longer just one person's responsibility to ensure accuracy.