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December 9, 2022
Ask for Feedback 2.0
Ask for Feedback 2.0

After getting tons of great feedback from our beta customers, the Ask for Feedback workflow just got a whole lot more magical.

The new workflow links together all your comments and tasks under the workflow so you can keep feedback organized. You can leave an overall comment to let the requester know how you felt about the doc as a whole. And you can see transparent analytics that centralizes all collaboration in one place.

Best of all—it's finally possible for remote teams to get feedback and sign off without a single Slack message or meeting.

Here are some highlights of the new Feedback workflow:

1. There are clear graphics throughout, just like the NYC subway, that show you where you are, what's happened so far, and what you have to do next.

2. All comments and tasks created during a Feedback request are tagged with an ID and can be filtered and sorted. Say goodbye to insane Google Docs comment threads.

3. When users submit their feedback, they can leave an overall status—"Looks good", "Needs changes", or "Needs major changes" — along with a meta-comment for you.  

4. A new at-a-glance modal shows you who asked for feedback, who's giving it, when it's due by, and quick stats on the collaboration so far.

5. Everyone can now see analytics that detail out who's viewed the document and given feedback, with links to their comments, tasks, and remarks. You also can add in new reviewers once the workflow has already been started and change the due date.

"Ask for Feedback" is perfect for remote teams who need to move work forward and stay aligned—without constant notifications and repetitive meetings.

Other fixes and improvements

  • We overhauled how Almanac works on mobile—including the Inbox, Recent, and All Docs pages.
  • Comments are now marked as read on selection, rather than mouseover.
  • We fixed a bug where Groups were not showing up in sharing modal.
  • If you inherit permission for a doc from a folder, it now shows up in search.
  • Removed duplicated button for approving or sending back an approval request.
  • Inbox "Sent" tab now only shows the interactions created by you, just like Gmail
  • Improved inline tasks assignment dropdown with autofocus