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March 17, 2021
An Improved Inbox
An Improved Inbox

This week we shipped an improved Inbox for every Almanac workspace. The refreshed Inbox helps you always know the status of what you have to do and what you've asked others to do—without having to meet or ping someone for an update.

You can now view:

  • Approval Requests, Feedback Requests, and Read Receipts assigned to you or that you've assigned to others
  • Tasks assigned to you or that you've assigned to others
  • Comments you've been @mentioned in and comments you've @mentioned others in

You can also take actions directly from the Inbox:

  • Mark a task as complete
  • Delete a comment
  • Send a reminder
  • Cancel a request

Toggle Blocks

We've also added a new element to the doc editor: toggle blocks. Toggle blocks let you put information underneath a 🔻Toggle Block that can be collapsed for consolidated viewing.

This is great for times when you want to provide more context or information without distracting from the overall flow of the doc. Give your readers a choice to dive deeper or stay high-level!

Toggle Blocks can nest any type of element inside of them: text, headings, images, etc.

Command Line

Nearly every action you can take in Almanac is now available at your fingertips with our new Command Line. Use ⌘+K (Mac), Ctrl+K (Windows), or click the ⚡️ icon in the top right corner of any page to launch it and start typing to search for commands.

You can also use the Command Line to discover keyboard shortcuts that make you work even faster.