May 19, 2023
Almanac's Summer Release: Powerful New Version Control Features 🚀

Today, Almanac is introducing powerful new features to enhance the revisions and redlining experience for managers who want to make decisions and get to "vFinal" without meetings.

In-Line Track Changes (Beta)

First up, you can now enable tracking changes when collaborating on a document. Previously, the ability to track changes was only available on Branches and Linked Versions. Now it's available right on your main document. Note: In-line track changes is in beta, so if you see something not working as expected, please reach out to We value your feedback and hope you enjoy using this new feature!

When you would like to suggest some changes to a document, press the "Track Changes" button in the Format ribbon, or from the 💡 tab in the right sidebar, to turn on or off tracking changes. With Track Changes enabled, you can also hide decorations to see the document as it would look with all your changes accepted.

To review a collaborator's suggested change to a document, click on the in-doc tracked change or navigate to the Tracked Changes sidebar to accept, reject, or comment on the edit. Accepting edits will merge them into the document, while rejecting edits will delete them. You can also accept or reject all changes at once. Users with comment or read access won't see tracked changes, only the final version of your document.

Linked Versions

If you want to create a new version of a contract, marketing copy doc, or product requirements draft, you now have the option to create a linked version of the doc in addition to an unlinked copy. Linked Versions are perfect for easily tracking changes across separate copies of documents.

By linking copies, you can easily navigate to previous versions and future copies right from the document itself. Click on the "Versions" button to see the lineage of the doc, access other versions, and create additional copies.

Compare and Merge

You can now compare linked versions in one click through the "Compare" button in the top right of your document. Note that this button only appears on docs that are linked to other versions.

From "Compare," you can merge versions together, either into one of the documents or into a new version entirely. You can then merge or exclude edits individually or all at once before completing the merge.

After the merge is completed, you can deprecate, delete, or keep the merged docs as is. Deprecated documents are locked to future edits. To enable future edits on them, you can make new copies of them, or change their status to "Draft".

Send Back

When completing a Review in Almanac, you may want your colleague to make further changes, reply to comments, or complete tasks.

Now, you can "Send Back" the review to inform the requester that further changes are required.

When you send back a review, you can select a due date for the requester to respond to your feedback to ensure they meet your timeline.

After completing their revisions, the requester can request a new review, with abilities to give you updated context and set a new deadline.

These updated statuses also appear in the Reviews Tab so you can manage your tasks and keep track of deadlines in one place.

View Modes

If you'd like to see how your doc appears to users with read or comment access, view your doc in Read and Comment mode from the toggle next to the document title in the top left area of your screen.

Import improvements

We have been improving our import infrastructure to better serve your large files, making it faster and easier to get your content into Almanac. Our import service is now stronger than ever and ready for your 100+ MB files.

Quality of life

  • Commenting on and deleting comments on tables is now working better than ever
  • Fixed flakey behavior when exporting to PDF
  • Improvements to group access and Review request notifications
  • "View Task Details" is now available in the more dropdown on all Tasks
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