Welcome to The Async Collaborative
The Async Collaborative is the first async community of its kind for leaders to connect with other leaders!

We have carved out a space for best-in-class knowledge sharing, expert-led webinars and panel discussions, and many more opportunities to change the future of async work. This Community is on the cutting edge of social change - we are daring, bold, and learning as we go.

Come join us in the conversation and let’s be the change we want to see!
About the community
The Async Collaborative is made up of professionals who are leaders in their respective fields and leading the conversation on the future of async work.
What we’ll do together
Share best practices for working asynchronously
Host, put on, and/or attend events
Participate in studies, magazine features, and other fun initiatives!
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We learn out loud
Whether you’re a seasoned async veteran or just getting your sea legs we are all eager to join in on the conversation, knowledge-share and help others along the way.
We are leaders
We are on the frontlines of a new way of working. We do our best to better ourselves and those around us to create a more fulfilled way of working and living.
We practice what we preach
If we want to be living in a better world, we have to be the ones to create it. We lead by example and give others a reason to believe.
What is Almanac’s Community?

Almanac’s mission is to build collaborative infrastructure for the digital economy. We are a company of async evangelists who practice what we preach and believe that we need new ways of working in a distributed workforce. We want others who feel the same to join us in the discussion and find the most optimal ways to build an async culture at work - so that our teams can build impactful work and live sustainable and fulfilled lives.

How do I join the Community?

In order to join Almanac's Slack Community - The Async Collaborative - please complete a very short (when we say short, we mean short! We know everyone is busy, who has time for another form to fill out?!) application. It should take only 1-2 minutes to complete.

Are there rules for who can join?

Our Community is open to anyone who believes in or is interested in async work and adheres to our Code of Conduct!

Can I invite my colleagues or friends to join?

Of course! If they believe in and want to work towards a new way of working, please send your colleagues the application.

How long does it take to be invited?

We aim to approve applications in under 1 week - however in busy periods this may be up to 30 days. If you have not received an invite after 30 days, please reach out to community@almanac.io.

I'm not such a fan of Slack but I still want to get involved... is this possible?

Yes! We run public virtual events 2-3 times per month in addition to many other fun initiatives such as book clubs, a customer advisory board, opportunities to get featured in our digital magazine, and many more!

Any other questions? Email us at community@almanac.io
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