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The 10x Manager
A 4 session course on how to make better decisions with 1/2 the meetings
Stop work from feeling unproductive, stressful and chaotic—and start compounding your team's transparency, productivity, and success by making decisions async. Great managers are adapting to the new normal. Here's your chance to catch up and get ahead.
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Maximizing your productivity and success 10x is the goal. What should you invest in to get yourself and your team there?

To get the most out of work, great managers have a choice to make...

  • Do you want to make better decisions?
  • Do you want to increase transparency and clarity across your team?
  • Do you want to connect with your team with less effort?

This course is designed to give you the strategies and frameworks you need to make decisions without meetings so you and your team can spend time actually doing the work.

Meet Andrew Logemann
Andrew Logemann is the Editor-in-Chief at Almanac, a software company building collaborative infrastructure to serve human creativity. He edits and writes for The Async Review, and curates tactical resources for the Almanac Core, the largest library of open source docs ever built.

Andrew comes to Almanac from higher education, where he served as a tenured faculty member, department chair, and program director at leading institutions in the United States and the United Kingdom. He is an award-winning teacher and a seasoned manager with a passion for helping people accelerate their careers.

The 10x Manager includes:

  • 4 weekly, live masterclass sessions
  • Tactical, research-backed strategies for leading your team effectively, without meetings
  • Opportunities to ask questions and get help, including AMAs with Andrew and special guests
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities with a cohort of high-achieving managers
  • Templates and curated resources to help you achieve the outcomes you want
  • Access to recordings for registrants who cannot attend live

This course will provide you with actionable training so you can confidently...

Take the chaos out of work by ensuring transparency across your team
Get control of your team and projects by holding everyone accountable- without meetings
Get more work done each week with 1/2 the meetings
Connect with your team while work is getting done
Be. Less. Stressed.

This course is perfect for you if...

You want to be a great manager
You want to be in control of your day
You want to be in fewer meetings
You know work can be better but don't know where to start

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