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Collaborating on work shouldn't be this hard.
You don't wake up each day to copy and paste between tools, reply to notifications, and attend meetings.
You deserve a product that frees you to do the creative, deep work only you can do.
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Manage all your work in one place.
Databases of documents in Almanac
Create company or public handbooks.
Almanac sample company handbook
Almanac databases
Build databases with dynamic properties.
Make a team directory
Team directory in Almanac
Keep project files together. No matter where they live.
Upload or link to files from the internet's best tools.
Automate collaboration with Workflows.
Responding to a feedback request in Almanac.
Distribute knowledge with read receipts.
Sharing a document with read receipts in Almanac
Drafting a document process in Almanac
Build customized processes.
Organize revisions with Layers.
Almanac document with layers
Almanac version selector
Merging two documents into one
Compare and merge into vFinal.
Track everything that happens.
Almanac activity feed
Crafted for
Designed for deep work. Engineered for speed. Like nothing you've ever used before.
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Fly through all your important tasks.
Tidy up your docs in one click.
Do everything with just your keyboard.
Command Line
Lightning-fast search to find the right file the first time.
Almanac search resultsAlmanac search results
Designed for the work that really matters.
Almanac powers collaborative flow for every team and function.
Start from the largest library of open source docs on the internet.
5000+ docs. Created by experts. Free for you to copy and customize.
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