Asynchronous Work

Recruiting with Async

Darryn King
May 3, 2022

There are some aspects of work which will, by their nature, require more sync than async. The recruiting process is one of these. Apart from the necessity of detailed to-and-fro conversation, the emotional information imparted in face-to-face interaction — even virtually — is extremely important.

But strategic use of async can alleviate some of the pressure of recruitment, and let the candidate more easily put their best foot forward during real-time interactions. Even at this early stage, there will be opportunities for the candidate to develop an understanding of what async collaboration is all about.

It will also be important to address subjects related to async collaboration in the interview itself. What is the candidate's own working style and preference? What is their experience with and understanding of async collaboration?

Encourage documentation self-serve

Just as a meeting owner would share a detailed pre-work document in advance of a meeting, share vital documentation with the candidate before the interview. Allowing the candidate to self serve information ought to make for a more detailed, more informed conversation.

Some remote-first companies default to publicly sharing their processes and policies. While this level of transparency is admittedly radical, it allows job seekers to get a sense of what it would be like to work with an org even before they apply for a position, ensuring a well suited pool of candidates.

Assign homework

Give the candidate a relevant task to complete in their own time. Apart from being an appropriate exercise in autonomous project management, it will allow them to showcase their best work, something which is in the interests of both the candidate and the recruiter.

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